for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPU EVGA Seasonic Modular PSUs Power Adapter Cable Dual PCIe 8 Pin Male to Mini 12 Pin PCIE Power Modular Cable 12-inch(30cm)


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  • Note!!! This cable was only designed for graphics card with mini 12 pin port not motherboard or CPU. It will be damaged and burned once you connect it to motherboard or CPU.
  • Note!!! This cable was only designed for the brand and model as listed. If you use it to connect with other incompatible brand PSUs or types it will definitely burn or damage the PSUs or graphics cards
  • Dual PCIe 8P – Mini 12P: Dual PCIe 8 pin male ends to plug into the power supply (NOTE: the 8 pin male connector is PCIe 8 pin not CPU 8 pin.) and mini 12 pin male end to plug into the video graphics card;
  • Compatible with graphics cards with mini 12 pin port such as: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series 3090/3080/3070/3060/3050 etc;
  • Compatible with EVGA GQ/T2/P2/G2/G3/NEX-G/NEX-B/B1/B2/B3/BQ/GS Series (Doesn’t work with 1000PS/850GS/1050GS) Seasonic (X-1050XM2/X-1250XM2)(SS-660/760/860XP2 series)(X-Series – X-650 KM3/X-750 KM3/X-850 KM3)(SS-1050/1200XP3)(Seasonic_Snow_Silent 750W/1050W)(M12II Evo series 520/620/650/750/850)(Seasonic FOCUS+ series)(SSR-450RM(G-450)/550RM(G-550)/650RM(G-650) semi modular) SSR-1000PD/SSR-1200PD SSR-600TL;.