AMD FX 8350 45646788 FD8350FRHKBOX Black Edition “Vishera” CPU (8 Core, AM3+, Clock 4.0 GHz, Turbo 4.2 GHz, 8 MB L3 Cache, 125 W)


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  • AMD FX 8350 black edition Vishera 8 core AM3+ clock 4.0 GHz turbo 4.2 GHz 8 MB L3 cache 125 W CPU retail
  • Unlocked AMD FX 8 core processor; AMD turbo CORE technology; updated instruction capabilities; AMD balanced smart cache; AMD wide floating point accelerator
  • HyperTransport technology; integrated DRAM controller with AMD Memory Optimizer Technology; AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) Technology; AMD PowerNow! Technology (Cool’n’Quiet Technology)
  • The industry’s first and only native 8-core desktop processor for unmatched multitasking and pure core performance with all-new “Bulldozer” architecture
  • New 32 nanometer die shrink designed to reduce leakage for improved efficiency increased clock rate headroom and better thermals
  • The AMD FX Processors come equipped with AMD Turbo CORE Technology. AMD Turbo CORE Technology is a performance boosting technology that helps increase performance on the applications that need it the most
  • AMD PowerNow! Technology (Cool’n’Quiet Technology)
  • Run multiple compute-intensive applications seamlessly