ALSEYE W90 CPU Cooler, Temperature Display CPU Cooler for Small PC Cases, Built-in Powerful 90mm ARGB Lighting Fan and 40mm High Performance Heat Column, Intel Only


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  • The W90 CPU cooler builds with a transparent screen which is used to display the CPU temperature. Accurate The CPU real-time temperature is read by proprietary software “BEM”.
  • The W90 CPU cooler includes a 90mm ARGB & PWM performance fan. Provides a great lighting effect while dissipating heat effectively.
  • W90 CPU cooler built with a 40mm height copper heat column which provides enhanced cooling performance. Please note that the TDP of the W90 is about 135W. It is not suitable for PC overclock running.
  • The W90 CPU cooler is small size: 102*102*82mm. Perfect for small cases and motherboards.
  • The W90 CPU air cooler supports Intel LGA 1700/1200/115X. The recommended CPU model: Intel i3-i5. (The i7-i9 above 10th generation is not recommended)