ALLY-MAGIC Graphics Card GPU Brace Support Black Video Card Holder Bracket Supports Nvidia RTX 3000 AMD RX5000/6000 Series Y2XKZJ (A)


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  • Premium Material: This graphics card stand is made of premium and sturdy all-aluminum metal material which avoids the fragile aging problem of plastic materials. It can be used for a long time even if other hardware is upgraded. Provides strong and lasting support.
  • Intimate design: The graphics card bracket has a more intimate design which is a segmented sliding design which is compatible with conventional MATX ITX and long power brackets. Compatible with various computer cases and motherboards.
  • Detailed design: In addition to the segmented sliding design the graphics card bracket design also has a detailed design – screw adjustment design which is compatible with various chassis configurations of traditional and long power slots and meets various user hosts. This detailing combined with the segmented sliding design completes this graphics card stand.
  • Invisible Design: The bottom of this graphics card holder adopts a hidden glue design so that users can not only install it easily but also stand firmly in the case. Have a nice user experience.
  • Exquisite Workmanship: This graphics card stand is made with meticulous and beautiful workmanship it is made by three intricate processes which makes it more sturdy and durable.